What is Celliant?

Celliant is a specially composed material that is clinically proven to increase the oxygen content of the blood ensuring better circulation and pain reduction. It puts body heat back to work by turning wasted energy into useable energy.

Celliant is a high technology product that has the unique effect of transmitting additional energy to the body while sleeping. The energy is easily absorbed by the body during a healing sleep. The morning after you wake with greater vitality ready for a more active, thus healthier lifestyle, even for those who usually live with pain.

Unlike coated fibers, the effects of Celliant never wash out or fade as the natural active minerals in Celliant are ground into particles and embedded into polyester fibers. This means the technolog lasts the lifetime of the material.

Clinical studies have shown beyond doubt, that a night’s sleep in a Celliant environment raised the oxygen levels in the body and blood by up to 29%. The study concludes that Celliant leads to better oxygenation of the muscle tissue and a better regulation of body temperature.

Our Trilogy dna range features Celliant technology.

If you would like to read more about Celliant, including the results of over 8 clinical trials, please visit the Celliant website at www.celliant.com