Frequently Asked Questions

Are body impressions normal?

All mattresses will develop body impressions or signatures as the comfort layers conform to your body however they should not be excessive. An impression of up to __ is considered normal and is an indication that your mattress is performing as it should, conforming to your body. This is not a manufacturing defect and is therefore not convered under the product guarantee. It is important to ensure that you rotate our mattress regularly – fortnightly for the first 2-3 months and then monthly for the life of the mattress. This will help to share the wear and tear of your mattress evenly and will avoid pronounced body impressions.
A body impression which is more pronouced however may be an indication that your base/foundation is not providing the correct support. We recommend you choose a foundation from our extensive range, whether it be a matching ensemble base or upholstered designer base with or without drawers.

If your base is a slat base, the slats should be secured with a centre support rail and leg. The space between the slats must be smaller than the slats themselves or else it could affect the performance of your mattress.

An easy way to see if your base is the problem is to take the mattress off the base and try it on the floor. If the impressions are less pronounced this would suggest your base is not providing the correct support and in is affecting the performance of your mattress.

Why does my new mattress feel different to the one I tried at the store?

A new mattress will take some time to get used to. In most cases you have been sleeping on your old mattress for many years and your body will be so used to that feel that the new bed will be very different and will take some getting used to. After a few weeks your mattress will develop your body signatures and you will find it conforming to your body perfectly.

What can I do if I feel my mattress is making me too hot?

People who complain of heat issues generally do so if they have recently changed from a tradtional non-pillowtop mattress to a pillow top mattress. Unlike the traditional tight top/non pillow top mattress where you sleep on the mattress, pillow top mattresses are designed to conform to your body meaning the softer or more plush the comfort layers are in the pillow top, the more you will sink into your mattress.

Some options which can help reduce any heat issues you may be experiencing include:
– Always choosing cotton sheets
– Using a natural wool underlay
– Use a lighter doona or quilt cover
– Avoid synthetic/polyester sleep wear, always opt for cotton
– At a cost we can change the comfort layers in your mattress which will alter the firmness which will assist in minimising heat. This option in a one off option and would be recommended only once all other options have been exhausted.

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