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Frequently Asked Questions

What things should I consider when buying a mattress?

As per mattresses at Crown Posture, we are now investing heavily in ways to try to aid in managing “Temperature Management” through the use of the latest mattress fabrics and comfort layers, which have been scientifically tested to aid in this.

Whether online or in retail, for the last 30 years Crown Posture has formed strong retail partnerships and have seen many changes in ways of mattresses being purchased. We feel the ability to go into a retailer “and test drive” a mattress is vitally important as you can test for partner disturbance, try it with new technology pillows to maximise the right comfort in store, test the side mattress edges to ensure you don’t have the “dreaded roll-out sensation” and feel as if you’re falling and ensuring you have the face to face interaction and build the right trust and rapport.

New mattresses need to be rotated every 2 weeks for the first 6 months, then every 3 months after that.

  •   Single 92 x 188
  •   Long single 92 x 203
  •   King single 107 x 203
  •   Double 138 x 188
  •   Queen 153 x 203
  •   King 183 x 203
  •   Super king 203 x 203

You can ring your local council and they can arrange to pick up your old mattress.

Yes, mattress protectors need to be used to maintain your mattress and protect it from any stains or soiling.

Yes we make special size mattresses, see your local store and they can quote you on these.

The base that should be used is a support timber slat base with no gap greater than 4’’ or 100mm apart. When the Crown Posture Bedding mattress is used on a padded and covered Crown Posture Bedding wooden slatted divan the mattress is fully covered by guarantee.

Body signatures (or “body impressions”) on a mattress are a normal occurrence. As the mattress upholstery intentionally conforms to the body to provide comfort, all mattresses will exhibit body signatures. This will occur shortly after use and should not be cause for alarm. Rotating your Crown mattress as per the care instructions is the best way to equalise wear and tear. Body signatures of up to 35mm on a pillow top and 25mm on a non-pillow top mattress will not be covered under guarantee.

Yes, if the mattress is a pocket or non-spring mattress and upon ordering specifically requested to be made adjustable friendly it can be used on an adjustable.

This is determined by a number of factors, some things to consider when purchasing are:

  •   Side sleepers usually feel more support and comfort from medium to plush.
  •   Back sleepers find firmer feeling beds more comfortable and supportive.
  •   Stomach sleepers usually find that a medium feel is the most comfortable for their sleep position.


These are historical situations from customers in store and truly the best bed for your back lies in the support system. Your body will tell you which feel is right for your body.

Expect body impressions. Many of today’s top-quality mattresses use extra-plush foams and fibres to create comfort layers designed to cradle your body and relieve pressure. After the first few weeks you sleep on your new mattress with these extra comfort layers, you will likely notice some body impressions. Body impressions, often referred to as body signatures, are where the mattress has slight indentations where you lie at night, on the surface.


These impressions are normal. They indicate that the comfort layers are conforming to your body, as they are supposed to do, and shouldn’t be considered a sign that something is wrong with your new mattress.


King and queen size beds often develop a hump in the middle of the mattress where no one sleeps. This is very normal and not at all considered a defect. Your mattress will naturally remain firmer where you and/or your partner don’t sleep. If you and/or your partner do not sleep in the centre of your bed, the centre will remain firmer than the sides where you do sleep.

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