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Why iPosture?

iPosture has been created utilizing European sourced materials while still being made right here in Australia. Made from FLOWT,  a smart gel that provides the most airflow of any mattress material invented and Azzarpur visco foam, this range provides an un-matched level of true comfort and support, paired with unequalled resilience providing you with intelligent posture for better sleep.


FLOWT – https://youtu.be/ww1wezPEbFA

Azzarpur – https://youtu.be/Zmgq-RRzVIw



FLOWT anti-gravity gel provides the most airflow of any mattress cushioning ever invented, utilizing a spiral design which gives the sleeper a dynamic support mechanism.


Providing true comfort and support, allowing you to sleep more peacefully, thus boosting your mental and physical energy levels.

Pressure Relief

Provides pressure-relief and comfort for your entire body including shoulders, hips and lower back. 

Made with European Technology

Innovative and world leading mattress technology through European sourced materials that is manufactured in Australia to support Australians.

Temperature Regulation

Thanks to its high-density molecular structure, Airogel takes a longer amount of time to absorb heat, allowing it to remain fresher for longer when compared to traditional materials.

Adjustable Base Compatible

Our iPosture range is able to be easily adjusted at their top and bottom.

Australian Made

Designed and built in Australia 


Our Flowt Opulence plush feel is the softest feel in our iPosture range, providing all of the benefits and technologies in the previous two feels with an additional layer of Black Diamond Foam to allow a peaceful night’s rest.


With an even softer touch is our medium feel for iPosture, with a thicker layer of Azzarpur foam in addition to our FLOWT comfort layer, providing you with the proper support while still remaining soft and comfortable, allowing a peaceful night’s sleep. 


Our firm mattress provides pressure relief, support and comfort for your entire body. With the addition of a 3-zone support Australian foam layer, there is an outstanding amount of firmness for your hips and lower back, allowing for pressure relief for an optimal sleep. 

Our Collections are available at bedding retailers throughout Australia.