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Our Best Range – The Pinnacle of Comfort

PostureAdvance is the pinnacle of our Posture Range, fittingly known as Our Best Range. This is very much in part to its 7 zone pocket system, which offers the greatest level of support of our Crown Posture Ranges. With each zone assisting in supporting a specific section of the body, from the head right down to the feet. It also greatly reduces motion transfer while the zoning provides the optimal comfort. As each section of the body is given its own support, you can rest assured that you will be able to have a peaceful and rejuvenating night’s sleep without the hassle of back or joint pain.



Offers the greatest level of body support. The individual coils provide superior contour and support. It greatly reduces motion transfer and the zoning provides optimal comfort.


SensICE mattress textiles are hyper-conductive, they take heat away instantly, resulting in a comfortably cool effect.

Nano Micro
Pocket Spring

These fine wire coils contour to the sleepers individual body shape, whilst creating an airflow layer.

Wool Blend Quilt Layer

Natural and sustainable material that have the added benefits of breathability in both the colder and warmer months.

Foam with Gel Infused Particles

To assist in regulating the body temperature during sleep along with reducing motion transfer.

Minimal Partner Disturbance

Reduction of motion transfer, allowing minimal partner disturbance.


PostureAdvance Plush is our softest and most luxurious mattress in our Posture Range. Comprising everything from the previous two ranges, as well as additional technologies into one mattress, we strive to create the ultimate sleep experience.



The Medium PostureAdvance mattress is much the same as the firm feel of our PostureAdvance range, but with a little extra padding for a soft touch.


Our Firm PostureAdvance mattress comprises every technology from both BackCare and PostureCare, along with a few added benefits. The first being the added layer of graphite foam, which helps provide a superbreathable sleep surface that disperses heat. Along with a SensICE Cover to help take away heat and a nano pocket spring to contour to the individual body shape whilst creating airflow.

Our Collections are available at bedding retailers throughout Australia.