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Featuring the greatest innovations to improve your sleep & feeling your best.

We select only the highest quality materials when creating our mattresses. With a passion that stems all the way back to 1990, we are dedicated to creating not only the best feeling mattresses, but also the best ecologically friendly mattresses.


Pocket Coil



Pulse Latex
Comfort Layer

Foam with
Gel Infused Particles

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Why iAdapt?

With the introduction of new technologies, iAdapt strives to produce a mattress that provides you comfort, balance and healthy air circulation, leaving you more vitalized and full of energy the next morning. The inclusion of “Pulse” latex and “Black Diamond” will not only support a more luxurious feel, but will allow you to get the best sleep possible thanks to its all natural European latex technology. The mattresses in our iAdapt range are made of 100% natural latex and are manufactured by Latexco, who are global leaders in latex manufacturing.



Vitalize Fabric

Australian Made with Belgian Technology

Sleep Better Naturally

The Natures Touch ethos is to create a natural sleep system, guaranteeing you a better night’s rest. With a focus on natural fibres and pure organic latex setting new standard in comfort and environmentally safe bedding.


Open Cell Foam

Wool Blend

Natural Material

Pressure Relief

The Advanced Support System

The most advanced cooling and support system , the PostureAdvance Collection is the ultimate in techno- luxury in the Crown Posture Collection. With Style and Innovation, this range has been designed to comfortably accommodate varying body types and heights offering a temperature management story. When support & temperature regulation are vital, the PostureAdvance Range provides you with a Queen Coil Count of 2360 making it one of the most supportive mattresses at exceptional value as well as featuring the latest cooling technologies in mattress manufacturing. Available in Firm, Medium & Plush.


PosturePracticTM 7 Zone Advance

SensiceTM Cover

Foam with Gel Infused Particles

The Ultimate Support System

A benchmark product of the Crown Range the PostureCare Collection has been reengineered with PosturePracticTM spring technology – providing consistent, full-body support. Offering spinal alignment and temperature regulation, this range has been designed to comfortably accommodate varying body types and heights. It encompasses everything that is included in our BackCare Range, along with these additional technologies to provide an even more peaceful night’s rest. The bedroom essential, the PostureCare Range provides you with 30% more springs than a standard Pocket spring mattress. Available in Firm, Medium & Plush.


PosturePractic TM 5 Zone Micro Pocketed Coil

PosturePractic TM 5 Zone Micro Pocketed Coil

Side Handles

Minimal Partner Disturbance

Perfect for Growing Families

BackCare is a 3 zone pocket mattress which contains a comfort layer of body moulding memory foam. This range provides pressure-relief, support and comfort for your entire body, that is divided up into soft support for your shoulders, while still providing firm support for your hips and lower back, giving you a healthier night’s sleep. Available in Firm, Medium or Plush


3 Zone Pocket

Wool Quilt

Foam with Gel Infused Particles

MinimalPartner Disturbance


Only for the best

Established in 1978. Perfecting the gentle art of sleep for generations. In addition to our domestic range we have a very successful commercial range supplying the Australian hospitality industry nationally. Manufactured locally, this range is subject to strict quality control standard sensuring you recieve a product that will endure the test of time and provide you with a comfortable nights sleep for the life of the mattress.


Multi Zone
Pocket Spring

Pulse Comfort Layer

Upholstery Options

Minimal Partner Disturbance

Talk to your local stockist for our wide range to suit your needs

We are passionate and committed to create a better sleeping experience and healthier lifestyle. We do this by offering a healthy and intelligent sleep solution through combining premium adjustable bases with our mattress ranges . Our products stand out from competitions by function and innovation.


Talk to your local stockist for our wide range to suit your needs


Zero G

3-In-1 Adjustable Legs
Upholstery Options

Bespoke Upholstery

Our bedroom is a space where attention is lifted off the demands of work and daily life, and we are transported to somewhere we love. Our collection of bespoke bedroom furniture lets you create a calm relaxing space for you to rejuvenate and recharge.




Style Meets Storage

Simply because, why not enjoy the best of both worlds? A beautiful adjustable lifestyle base with a tonne of storage space! Our creative space saving solutions are functional yet elegant. Our storage solutions are built to ensure you benefit from efficient space optimization… not only are they incredibly sleek and stylish, but they are also versatile and not entirely obvious, providing space where you least expect!


Our adjustable bases are well-designed and practical, not only do they give a new meaning to luxury and comfort, but they will also benefit your sleep health in the best way possible. With a wide array of fabrics and colours to choose from, Crown’s storage bases will not only maximise your home and closet space, but they will also give your room a clean, elegant finish.

Our Collections are available at bedding retailers throughout Australia.