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Terms and Conditions

  1. During the guarantee period, Crown Posture Bedding will repair or replace at Crown
    Posture Bedding’s option any product that on inspection is found to be faulty. 

  2. Transportation during the first 12 months is the responsibility of the manufacturer
    and is also fully covered by this guarantee, however after that period any transportation will be met by the purchaser.

  3. This guarantee is not transferable

  4. Crown Posture Bedding reserves the right to refuse service when the product is found on inspection to be in an unsanitary condition of when the product failure is due to causes other than defective workmanship or materials.

  5. Crown Posture Bedding reserves the right to substitute material of equal quality on the particular items being repaired or replaced if identical material is not available at the time of the repair or replacement.

  6. If the mattress is used directly on a slatted divan or the slats are greater than 100mm (4”) apart, then damage may occur to the mattress and this damage will not be covered by this guarantee.

  7. When the Crown Posture Bedding mattress is used on a padded and covered Crown Posture Bedding wooden slatted divan the mattress is fully covered by this guarantee. We recommend you use a specially designed matching Crown Posture Bedding base.

  8. If the purchaser does not notify the manufacturer within a month of finding a fault, the fault will not be covered by this guarantee.

  9. Micro quilting stitching coming undone is inherent in this industry. It will not affect the 21. performance of the bed and as such is not covered by this guarantee.

  10. Legs or casters must be kept tight. Damage caused by not keeping these tight is not covered by this guarantee.

  11. Service of this mattress set will take approximately 48-72 hours, during that time it is the consumers responsibility to find alternative sleeping arrangements.

  12. Turning your mattress: The mattress should be turned on a monthly basis as stipulated in the care instructions of this document. Failure to turn your mattress on a monthly basis will detract from the comfort and life span of your bed.

  13. Body impressions are normal in a new mattress/bed and are not considered to be a manufacturing fault.

  14. Handles: Where handles are sewn into the mattress, these are to be used purely as balancing agents and should never be used to lift the mattress. These are not covered by this guarantee.

  15. Pillow Tops: A pillow top is built to give the sleeper an extra layer of gentle comfort. Because it is not under construction pressure it will stretch and mould to the body’s shape. It is usual to see deeper body impressions in pillow tops and this is not considered a fault.

  16. Mattress Protector: We recommend that you always use a mattress protector, however if spoilage occurs, the apply perchloroethylene or white spirits to remove the spill, allow the mattress to dry in the shade and not in direct heat or sunlight.

  17. Single Beds: Where a single bed is pushed against a wall, we recommend that you rotate the base every two months otherwise wear and tear will occur on one side only creating an uneven sleeping area.

  18. If a call-out occurs and no fault is found due to faulty materials or workmanship, then a call out fee of $50 will be charged.

  19. When a mattress or base has been damaged in transit, it is essential that the packing is kept by the consumer. Failure to do so will void any claim.

  20. Original receipt must be available for viewing at time of service.

  21. Do not sit on your mattress/bed. Your bed is built specifically for sleeping. If you use
    it as a chair then you may get side collapse and or severe depressions and considerable wear on the pads/fillings on the edge of the mattress

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