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Perfect Support for Growing Families

PostureSupport represents Our Good Range with its 3 zone pocket foam box, foam with gel infused particles and minimal partner disturbance features PostureSupport provides soft support for your shoulders while still providing firm support for your hips and lower back, giving you a healthier night’s sleep. 


Adjustable Base Compatible 

Our Posture Support range is able to be easily adjusted at their top and bottom.

3 Zone Pocket

Containing three zones to provide comfort for specific points of the body.

Foam with Gel Infused Particles

To assist in regulating the body temperature during sleep along with reducing motion transfer.

Minimal Partner Disturbance

Reduction of motion transfer, allowing minimal partner disturbance.


Providing the softest level of comfort in our PostureSupport range is our plush feel, which includes all of the technologies that are comprised in the previous two feels, yet with the added benefit of a softer and more plush sleep surface.


In addition to all of the benefits provided from the technologies in our firm mattress feel, our medium feel provides and every greater level of comfort through a softer mattress layer and provides minimal partner disturbance through its range of better airflow.


Our firm mattress feel is comprised of a wool blend quilt layer for added benefits of breathability during the warmer and colder climates, along with gel infused memory particles, designed to distribute heat away from the body while increasing responsiveness allowing you to move more freely through the night.

Our Collections are available at bedding retailers throughout Australia.