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Pillow Talk: Tony Doherty (Dohertys Gyms) visits Crown Posture Bedding

Tony Doherty of the world famous ‘Dohertys Gyms’ visits Crown Posture Bedding to discuss the crucial role quality sleep plays in body builders and high performing athletes.
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Pillow Talk: Sooshi Mango visits Crown Posture Bedding

Sooshi Mango might be all fun and games on stage, but their sleep routine is no laughing matter. Apparently dressing like your Nonno can really take a toll on your body – so that’s why we helped all three Sooshi members; Joe and Carlo Salanitri, and their best friend, Andrew Manfre, with a new custom mattress and custom bedhead.

Pillow Talk: Rob Mills visits Crown Posture Bedding

Rob Mills –  entertainer, actor, author and now mattress expert sits down with Crown Posture Bedding to discuss the importance of sleep and why it’s essential for a performers overall physical health. 

Pillow Talk: Jono and Simone visit Crown Posture Bedding

Jono and Simone discuss their sleep routines and habits during this Pillow Talk episode, emphasising on why a good night’s rest is essential. 

Pillow Talk: Christian Salem visits Crown Posture Bedding

Christian, Melbourne Football Club star, needed some serious rest and recovery after his knee injury. Lucky he was put in contact with our team who arranged a custom mattress and adjustable base – we all know elevating is key.