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Handcrafted in Melbourne 

The Crown Premiere Reserve Signature Collection is handcrafted in Melbourne and uses only the finest materials, it takes hours of craftsmanship by only a selected group of mattress experts with a minimum of 12 years experience to produce a Crown Premiere Reserve Mattress. 


*Only in select stores*


Through Fabrics, Support Systems and Comfort Layers

Crown Posture Bedding is a family owned and family operated business that has grown from very humble beginnings to become a national supplier to major bedding retailers. With its core facility in Melbourne and partner manufacturing in other states employing over 60 people. We pride ourselves on producing a quality product combining traditonal hand craftmanship with the latest innovation and technology in bedding. By not compromising on the quality of our raw materials, you can be assured that your Crown Posture Bedding product will stand the test of time. The value and benefits of a good night’s sleep are at the forefront of our philosophy – Our Family’s Passion is Your Family’s Sleep.

Excelent Durability

10 Years Warranty

Customer Oriented


When a Square peg needs to fit in a round hole?

Recently Australia’s tallest man, Kewal Shiels who was in need of a bed, approached Crown Posture.

This led to several questions.

What customization will be needed for the mattress, the base & then the Manchester needs?

Being in business for over 30 years and specializing in making various customized mattresses for caravans, round mattresses for hotels etc., we knew making a mattress tall enough for Kewal was simple.

We invited Kewal into our business and we sat down with our production team and asked him his needs.

Having  made do for several years with sheets tied together to stay  on his dippy bed was a frustration, also space in his room was another aspect we had to consider, his bedroom being upstairs also presented challenges knowing we had to deliver.

So having completed the brief, it was decided to manufacture : 2.35m length mattress (standard length 2.03m length) with standard queen (width 1.53m ) & a split 4 drawer base with a matching upholstered headboard and contact our great Mattress Protector and Sheet set providers Sleepcorp & like Crown Posture Bedding Melbourne based.

Watch the video….

Excelent Durability

10 Years Warranty

Customer Oriented



FLOWT anti-gravity gel provides the most airflow of any mattress cushioning ever invented, utilizing a spiral design which gives the sleeper a dynamic support mechanism.


Providing true comfort and support, allowing you to sleep more peacefully, thus boosting your mental and physical energy levels.

Bekaert Deslee  – Adaptive

BekaertDeslee introduces a dynamic treatment to sleep cool and dry, all night, every night.

Latexco – Pulse

Latexco Pulse is luxurious, comfortable and resilient. 


Style Meets Storage

Simply because, why not enjoy the best of both worlds? A beautiful adjustable lifestyle base with a tonne of storage space! Our creative space saving solutions are functional yet elegant. Our storage solutions are built to ensure you benefit from efficient space optimization… not only are they incredibly sleek and stylish, but they are also versatile and not entirely obvious, providing space where you least expect! 


Our adjustable bases are well-designed and practical, not only do they give a new meaning to luxury and comfort, but they will also benefit your sleep health in the best way possible. With a wide array of fabrics and colours to choose from, Crown’s storage bases will not only maximise your home and closet space, but they will also give your room a clean, elegant finish.


Innovative Methods of Minimal Partner Disturbance


Made by the Best

We are passionate about manufacturing and the importance of supporting Australian made products. With an influx in inferior imported products flooding the market, you can be assured that all of our products are made right here in Australia.

Our Collections are available at bedding retailers throughout Australia.