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Through Fabrics, Support Systems and Comfort Layers

Crown Posture Bedding is a family owned and family operated business that has grown from very humble beginnings to become a national supplier to major bedding retailers. With its core facility in Melbourne and partner manufacturing in other states employing over 60 people. We pride ourselves on producing a quality product combining traditonal hand craftmanship with the latest innovation and technology in bedding. By not compromising on the quality of our raw materials, you can be assured that your Crown Posture Bedding product will stand the test of time. The value and benefits of a good night’s sleep are at the forefront of our philosophy – Our Family’s Passion is Your Family’s Sleep.

Excelent Durability

10 Years Warranty

Customer Oriented


Innovative Methods of Minimal Partner Disturbance


Made by the Best

We are passionate about manufacturing and the importance of supporting Australian made products. With an influx in inferior imported products flooding the market, you can be assured that all of our products are made right here in Australia.

Our Collections are available at bedding retailers throughout Australia.