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Why iAdapt?

iAdapt has been created usitilizing European sourced materials while still being made right here in Australia. Made from natural latex, iAdapt provides a plush and luxurious comfort with exceptional elasticity. Due to its open cell structure it provides optimal ventilation and a natural protection against fungi, bacteria and dust-mites. With unequalled resilience and superior stretch, iAdapt offers unique three-dimensional support.



innovative pulse latex significantly reduces energy consumption, resulting in the best ecological footprint in the entire latex industry.


innovative phase change technology. Black Diamond utilizes a breathable layer of extremely cool, flexible phase change coating which helps to maintain air flow and moisture transmission.

Vitalize Fabric

Vitalize recycles the energy we lose in body heat into Far Infrared Rays that stimulate your body and improved your well-being.

Australian Made with Belgian Technology

innovative and world leading mattress technology through European sourced materials that is manufactured in Australia to support Australians.


Vitalize 3.0P is the most luxurious of the iAdapt range as it not only comprises everything from the previous two feels, but also provides the softest feel due to its extra thick comfort layer.


Vitalize 2.0M comprises everything that Vitalize 1.0F has, but has a thicker comfort layer for a softer feel


Each iAdapt mattress is comprised of five components. Our Vitalize 1.0F matttress is made up of a Vitalize Cover, a Black Diamond phase change coating, a Pulse latex comfort and support layer and 100% natural latex core. 

Our Collections are available at bedding retailers throughout Australia.