Custom Design

Australia’s Tallest Man – Kewal Shiels

Recently Australia’s tallest man, Kewal Shiels who was in need of a bed, approached Crown Posture.

This led to several questions.

What customization will be needed for the mattress, the base & then the Manchester needs?

Being in business for over 30 years and specializing in making various customized mattresses for caravans, round mattresses for hotels etc., we knew making a mattress tall enough for Kewal was simple.

We invited Kewal into our business and we sat down with our production team and asked him his needs.

Having  made do for several years with sheets tied together to stay  on his dippy bed was a frustration, also space in his room was another aspect we had to consider, his bedroom being upstairs also presented challenges knowing we had to deliver.

So having completed the brief, it was decided to manufacture : 2.35m length mattress (standard length 2.03m length) with standard queen (width 1.53m ) & a split 4 drawer base with a matching upholstered headboard and contact our great Mattress Protector and Sheet set providers Sleepcorp & like Crown Posture Bedding Melbourne based.

Watch the video….